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Video -EEG Showing Changes in the Brain During Hypnosis

I’m exited to post this video here for you to watch! I recently had the opportunity to use an EEG machine (electroencephalogram) to see what happens inside someone’s brain when they go into the problem solving trance state. And here you can see it too!  It shows how the frequency of the electrical activity changes, and how easily and naturally we go into a hypnotic state.  I hope you find it useful and enjoy!


Hello my name’s Tiffany Armitage and I’m a clinical hypnotherapist. And I’d quickly like to introduce you to the video you’re about to see.  It’s a video of me using and EEG machine and my Mum as the guinea pig. And having a look at what happens to her brain, as the functions of the brain changes depending on what she’s thinking and how she’s thinking.

And you can see from this video how the hypnotic state, that trance state, is a really natural state.  It’s really easy to achieve and easy to maintain.  You can’t get it wrong, you can wriggle around, you can cough.  And in this video you can actually see my Mum is in a room, sat upright with the lights on, and theres actually a few people in the room. And you can see from the computer that her brain is doing exactly the right thing!

I hope you enjoy this video, if you’ve got any more questions, you can contact me from my website  And I’ll to quickly that David Newton for being brave and lending us the EEG machine to have a play with, and also to my mum for being brave and being a guniea pig, and I hope you enjoy it!


So, this is my mum Pam. Would you like to say hello to the Camera?!

Pam “Hi Everybody”.

What we’re going to do is have a little look inside your brain and see what your brain is up to.  This is an electroencephalogram. On your head are a lovely bit of headgear.  Can you see this little nodules?

Pam “Well I certainly know where they are”

You can feel them. Yes.  So what they are doing is they’re picking up the electricity that’s coming from your brain. SO you’ve got little neurones, the cells inside your brain, so when they fire, they produce electricity.  It’s a bit like an orchestra, your brain is firing with lots of different parts of the orchestra at once, it’s more than one neuron firing. So what they are doing is picking up when there’s quite a lot –maybe the string section is playing at once.

It’s going through the machine, wirelessly to this computer.  It’s like we’ve got a little map of your brain here.  So all the nodules, you can see [pointing to the pictures on the screen].  So we’ve got four different maps of your brain. It’s exactly what’s happening in your brain at the moment. The electrical frequency that’s sent out changes depending on what you are up to at the time.  They are different levels of arousal [pointing to the four maps]

So the first one, the Beta one down in the corner is the one I will be using most at the moment, because I’m thinking about you, thinking about the video. Consciously processing stuff.

The Alpha is when you are little bit more relaxed, more creative, thinking about how you might like things to be, problem solving.  It’s a light trance.


So have a little think about what your cats up to.  Close your eyes.  What he looks like, what he might do.  You can see really nicely my Mums gone into Alpha state there which is brilliant. So, she’s using the back of her brain to think about what he looks like (the back of the brain is associated with picturing, with visual imagery).  The front of the brain is the more problem solving bit.

And there, she’s come back into the Beta state while she’s having a think about what I’m saying about her! So you can just open your eyes.  What were going to do now is read you a relaxation, one that you are familiar with from your relaxation CD.  We’d hope to see my Mum go from this nice alert state shes’ in at the moment, through the alpha state, where she’s beginning to get a bit more creative, through to this nice trance state.  This bit should become nice and red, nice and active.


So if you’d just like to make yourself as comfortable as you’d like to be, allow your eyes to close…[Tiff begins to read a relaxation scrip as sound fades out]


[Tiff continues to read script]  and we can see here, that the theta parts of my mums brainwaves have become really strong, she’s relaxed really well.



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