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Change your negative self-talk

Having positive self talk benefits our mental health (with reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression), and our physical health (studies showing ultimately increased life span, and healthier lives of those who are optimistic and think more positive).  It’s not about being unrealistically enthusiastic about everything, its about approaching challenges in a more hopeful and productive way.  For many people, they are negative first and foremost about themselves.  The conversation going on in our minds can ultimately be destructive, breaking down confidence and creating sadness and worry.

Changing thought patterns is do-able, and simple.  In the same way we can learn a new skill, so we can learn to be more positive about ourselves.  Ultimately what you are aiming to do is create a new habit of thought, where the thoughts you dwell on about yourself are realistic and helpful for you.  So it does take time, practice, and repetition.

So, first things first, start to notice if your are being negative about yourself.  You may be filtering out the positive, catastrophising, blaming yourself, or just generally putting yourself down.  Recognise that these thoughts are not true, and definitely not helpful -send them on their way. They may pop back -as that’s what you’ve trained your brain to do.  Distract yourself, or think of some positive affirmation that you can replace the thought with.  Be gentle with yourself- start practicing putting a more positive spin on yourself.  By changing the way you think, you’ll be really pleased to discover that you also change the way you feel and how you respond to the people around you.

Don’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to someone else.

If you continue to struggle to turn your  internal voice to a more positive one, please do contact me (Tiffany Armitage) on 01752 710 277  Hypnotherapy can help enormously to help you feel better about yourself and enjoy your life.  You can find out more at


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