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Do We Really Need To Talk About Mental Health!?


You may have never struggled with your own mental health.  Your worries are manageable, and sadness you’ve experienced is understandable.  Nevertheless, an astonishing 1 in 4 of us suffer from a Mental Health condition in sometime in our lives.  That means your friend, your co-worker, your Mum may be struggling right now.  As a society, we are very good at talking to each about our physical ailments – this means our friends are family are their when we need them.  I’m thinking of the “you know, you really should go get that one checked out”.  It means that person is more likely to go and seek help, and the outcome will be better for them.

It’s a vicious cycle with mental health -because we don’t talk about it, we don’t understand it and therefore the less likely we are to tell others about our own issues when they occur.  This means people may be struggling away for months or years without the support of family and friends, and those of us who can help professionally.

Anxiety, anger and depression are all natural human responses.  They do not indicate weakness of any sort, and can occur no matter what sort of life you’ve lead.  It’s important to recognise that we now have therapies, such as Solution Focused Hypnotherapy that I practice, that really help people get back on track.

After feeling so much better from hypnotherapy sessions, I find my clients can be keen to share their experiences.   And when they do they quite commonly get the reply “oh, I’ve suffered with anxiety for years and never told you about it” -it’s a huge relief for both.  So perhaps there is someone in your life who you could check up on? Or perhaps you could tell someone close to you that you’ve been struggling?  These small conversations are really the key to real change!


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