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What is Solution Focused Psychotherapy

You may have heard of the “Solution Focused” approach.  It is applied in a wide range of fields that support people and organisations. The approach is based on the principles and tools of Solution Focused Therapy (SFT), that I use (in combination with hypnotherapy) to help clients meet their mental health and performance goals.  Given this, I thought it may be interesting if I briefly explain what SFT is!

So, at a basic level, SFT recognises that the client, and not the therapist is the expert in their life. The client is therefore the best person to work out the solutions to their problems.  And going further than this, SFT also recognises that the client already has the solutions within their current life.  No problem happens all the time.  And during these times of exception, the client is using their own skills and resources to overcome the problem.  It is therefore the job of the SFT therapist to help you recognise these skills and resources and help you find a way to apply them to achieve the outcome that you want.  And that leads nicely onto another important SF principle -When we…

…focus on how you want, rather than what you don’t want…

then we find change starts to happen more easily.  With this future focused, strength based stance, we becoming more flexible and creative in our problem solving.  So the therapist is like a catalyst.  Changes are decided upon, implemented and practiced by the client, and it’s therefore very empowering and lasting.

When I was introduced to this approach it resonated strongly with my belief in people- that everyone has the ability to live, perform well, and thrive in their life.  I therefore embraced it with both arms!   I am always amazed and inspired with what a little bit of Solution Focused thinking can achieve. So what do you want to be different in your life, and what will you notice about yourself when it’s happening…?

Tiffany is one of the South Wests leading Solution Focused Hypnotherapists.  She practices in Ivybridge and can be contacted at www.hypnotherapist-plymouth.co.uk, where you will find more information about her work.

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