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Providing Support for Asthma Sufferers

5.4 million people in the UK are currently receiving treatment for asthma (1 in 11 of these are children), according to the charity Anxiety UK.  They also report that 69% of people with asthma consider stress as a trigger for them.

This trigger is thought to occurs, because the stress hormones that are released for the “fight and flight response” create physical responses in the body.  These responses, such as an increased breathing rate and tense muscles, put asthma sufferers at higher risk of all their usual symptoms (such as tightness in the chest).  As well as being a trigger, asthma can also contribute to anxiety and depression, due to the long term stress of suffering from this persistant illness.

There is a large body of research that demonstrates the effectiveness use of hypnosis, guided imagery and relaxation in reducing asthma in both adults and children.  A review in 2000 of scientific papers to date, showed that studies consistently demonstrated an effect of hypnosis on asthma.  Although more research is needed, the studies showed that its efficacy is enhanced in subjects where the practitioner is experienced, when it is administered over several sessions, and when it is reinforced by patient self-hypnosis. Children in particular appear to respond well to hypnosis as a tool for improving asthma symptoms.

I practice Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (combining Solution Focused Therapy with hypnosis).  In conjunction with a clients prescribed medication and treatment regimes, SFH reduces general anxiety, and supports clients to build coping mechanisms.  Tiffany Armitage is experienced with supporting a clients with a variety of persistent illnesses using SFH.  You can find out more about how she can help you at or call 01752 710277 to book an Initial Consultation.  Tiffany practices from her clinic in Ivybridge

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