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Classes in Ivybridge, South Hams

Stress Management & Relaxation Classes

Calm ⋅ Coping ⋅ Relaxed

The aim of the classes are to support you in learning how to relax (physically & mentally) and how to remain calm when things are difficult.  Lara Lewis and Tiffany Armitage are experienced Solution Focused Psychotherapist  and Hypnotherapists.  They will be running the 6 week sessions on an on-going basis. You are then welcome, space permitting, to drop into future sessions.

Who The Classes Are ForStress Anxiety Relaxation

For anyone looking to:

  • Improve the way you cope in stressful situations
  • Become calmer in life, with an increased ability to relax

What the Sessions Will Cover

Each session will introduce you to a concept and techn

iques used within the psychotherapeutic disciplines of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Brain Based Therapy, Hypnotherapy (including self hypnosis, positive visualisation) and Mindfulness

We will explain (in easy to understand language) the theory behind the concepts, and offer you an practical opportunity to be guided through the techniques.  We have chosen 6 main areas to focus on (one in each session) that are based on modern evidence based therapeutic approaches, and from our experience are the most easily accessible and helpful for our clients and ourselves.

The sessions will be:

  1. Stress and Your Brain
  2. Getting a Good Nights Sleep
  3. Creating a Balanced Life
  4. Beyond Will Power
  5. Creating New Habits of Mind
  6. Mindfulness

Some of the concepts and techniques you may find valuable immediately, and able to implement regularly in your life.  Others will need further exploration or practice beyond these classes to enable meaningful results in your life.  The classes are designed as an introduction to the concepts and practices, in a professional and safe environment.  With this opportunity to experience and understand the techniques, we can guide you as to next steps to take on either implementing them into your life, or how to take your learning to the next level.

Why We Are Running the Classes

As therapists we commonly work with people who are suffering emotionally, who can be in severe emotional distress.  Also with people who have an important goal in life they would like to achieve.  We employ techniques of Solution Focused Therapy, Hypnosis, and Brain Based Therapy, to support all our clients in bringing about lasting and fundamental changes.

There are however, many people we meet who are struggling to thrive in life, they are straining under the weight of life’s stresses,  They are surviving and just getting by.  We believe these people could also benefit greatly from learning some of the tools we share with our clients, and we would like to guide anyone who is interested through the concepts and techniques in a friendly and supported environment.

Please note

The sessions are not a therapy in their own right, and are not designed as such.  Participants may however find the skills they learn can benefit them therapeutically.  If you have issues of anxiety, depression, anger, or the symptoms of these emotions that the techniques are not helping, Lara and Tiff would be happy to discuss ways you may wish to work towards over coming these.


Information on Payment

Sessions cost £15 each, the first 6 sessions must be paid in advance.  Thereafter, individual sessions can be paid in advance, or in cash on the night.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for online payment. Please book in before making payment, as spaces are limited.


The sessions will be held upstairs at the South Devon Tennis Centre on Ermington Road.  There is a carpark on site.


The sessions are run on Wednesday evening, starting at 6.30 till 8pm

Booking In

Please email Lara and Tiff on to book into the sessions

Where to Find Out About Us!

The sessions will be run by Tiff Armitage or Lara Lewis (or both on occasion!)

Contact Us

Pay for Initial 6 Sessions
£90Please book a place before making payment

Pay for Single Session
£15Advance payment for single session
(following initial 6 sessions).
Please book a place before making payment