FAQ - Tiffany Armitage Hypnotherapy


Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve already tried to change -can you really help me?

You don’t need to believe that you can change, and you can also be cynical too!  You just need to “want to change” My experience and therapeutic tools will help you bring about the change you are looking for.  I see it as a team effort!

Will I remain in control during Hypnosis?

You always remain in full control of what you do, and indeed will not need to speak while you are in the relaxed hypnotic state.

Can I be hypnotised?

 Yes, hypnosis is a daydreaming like state, that everyone can achieve. Most people can go into at least a light trance in the sessions, which is sufficient to benefit from hypnotherapy to some extent.

What will it feel like?

Hypnosis is like day dreaming.  Everyone experiences the state differently, some people are fully aware of everything, others feel like they have a wonderful nap!

Is it dangerous?

 No.  You are in a safe professional environment.