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A Selection of Testimonials for Tiffany Armitage Hypnotherapy

Confidence in Personal Relationships

I would like to say a be thank you for your kindness and encouragement, which has been very useful and timely. I’m sure that your efforts will keep me looking forward in a positive way for a long time to come. If I need further help, I know where to come. Nov 2017

Quitting Alcohol

Can I cancel my appointment please all is going great no problems, my [new evening class] is great fun and I will keep it up.

Can I just say a big THANK YOU for all you help and great advice, AMAZING.
Have a lovely Christmas and happy new year. December 2017

Removing a phobia, often includes helping a client with other areas of life.

Thank you so much for helping me to eradicate the negative thoughts that had been causing me problems with flying and other aspects of my life. Your very knowledgeable explanations of how these thoughts originate and can affect our day to day living, I found incredibly helpful. I would recommend your treatment to anyone who wants a truly caring and professional approach to whatever may be troubling them. Thank you once again for helping me back to enjoying life (and holidays!). John 2017

Removing Spider Phobia

Proud of myself is an understatement!!! I just wanted to say thanks again for everything! It’s really changed my life and I wouldn’t have even coped 6 weeks ago!* Alice 2016

Removing fear so you can move on in life:

Hey, I’m back from my holiday and guess what? I like boats and planes!!! Thank you so much!! I think it will still take some work to keep it like this, but you’ve reminded me of the tools I have to do that!! xx*  Amy, August 2016


Hi Tiff, I just wanted to drop you a text to say a huge thank you! Yesterday I got up and did a five minute speech to over 130 people at a charity gala dinner!  I can honestly say without your help, I would have never been able to do that!* June 2016

Clinical Supervision

Just to say thank you for yesterday.
It was great to meet everyone and to have some supervision again after so long – I forgot how motivating it can be!
Hope to see you next month*  Feb 2016


… My husband got in the pool with me and got to deliver him!! Midwife finally turned up for pushing! lol Hypnobirthing really blumin work!!! Thank you so much Tiff for all your help, amazing advice, and keeping me positive all the way through!! xxxxxx* Sarah March 2016

And from the same lady who had a needle phobia –

Tiff!!! you won’t belive this, just had my bloods taken by midwife!!!! no shaking or hyperventilating, nice and calm -it went really well! A good positive experience!! Thank you for all your help, it has transformed my life!!*

Text from a Stop Smoking Client

Well I never thought I could do it -but I did!! Thank You!*

E-mail from a lady who’s overcome her Fear of Flying and had the holiday of her life!

“… have just returned from my holiday and had the most amazing time, thank you so much a year ago I never would have been able to have gone let alone enjoyed myself so much…”*

Recently posted on Social Media from a client I saw last year:

Client who overcame 20 years of IBS through hypnotherapy

I have suffered with IBS for the last 20 years. I have been to see several different doctors over that period and after investigations were done, I was basically told you have IBS – live with it. It was never taken seriously at all. Even now you’re told just to take medication and go away! So after I saw an ad in a local paper for the Observatory Practice, which stated it could help with IBS I decided to book a free consultation. I was very skeptical at first but after meeting Tiffany and having explained how clinical hypnotherapy works, seemed to reassure me. After only 12 sessions my life has changed for the better! I can now cope with work, stress and life in general. After the initial skepticism, I’m so happy I stuck with it. The whole process has been amazing and it has made me a better person. The only problem is, that you find yourself looking at other people and thinking they could do with a few sessions themselves. Tiffany’s approach, understanding and cheerfulness goes along way! Thank You…* Chris, Paignton.

Client who had hypnotherapy to overcome a phobia

“I just want to say a massive thank you for all of your help which has allowed me to turn a fear that prevented me from doing a necessary task in day to day life into something of the past. Thanks to you I no longer have this fear hanging over me and restricting me from accomplishing what would before have been a very traumatic experience. It was a strange feeling being in an environment that before would have been a very difficult task and feeling absolutely fine, with no worries. It is a fantastic feeling and I really can’t say thank you enough. What you have done for me is something I will never forget and I will always be grateful.”* Grace, Plymouth

Client who had hypnotherapy to reduce anxiety

“I was pleasantly surprised with my first experience of SFH. I found the sessions both interesting & thought provoking – and very relaxing. It definitely had a positive & calming effect on me in general, & my sleeping improved noticeably. Tiffany is friendly, funny and has a contagious aura of calm about her – I would definitely recommend her to friends & family.”* Charlotte, Plympton

Client who had hypnotherapy to reduce the impact of a stress related illness

“I was off work with a “stress-related illness” when I started my sessions with Tiff. I was experiencing family problems and I have a very challenging job. The sessions were excellent – I really liked the fact that I did not have to talk over everything that had happened, and that the emphasis was on positive things from the week. I also found it very helpful to know the science behind Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy, as it made sense of what was happening in my brain.
I saw Tiff for 8 sessions, during which time I went back to work successfully, and am taking more positive steps towards my future career. I began to exercise regularly, which has improved my general health and mood, and to prioritise things which were important to me. I now feel I have the ability to change things in my life, something I struggled with before the sessions.Having the CD at home is helping me to maintain my positive outlook, so I would definitely recommend Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy as an excellent method to take control of your life. I would also recommend Tiff as a practitioner – her calm and friendly approach was very reassuring, and she was cheerful and supportive throughout the sessions. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thanks Tiff!”* F.M. Totnes

Client who used hypnotherapy for Personal and Business Confidence

“I first met Tiffany at a networking event where I listened to Tiffany with enthusiasm for her work as a hypnotherapist. Tiffany is very easy to understand and puts at ease the fear that you might walk like a chicken if someone clicks their fingers! Tiffany has a very pleasant personality and is so good at explaining the purpose of the treatments and what the likely results will be. Lying on the couch was relaxing and so enjoyable listening to the different stories enabling oneself to grasp the meanings of life and to distress immediately.Having a CD disc to take home and use is excellent – I still use it now, several months later. I love it although I don’t hear much of it now.I have certainly become more confident and less stressed as a result of my sessions. I would highly recommend Tiffany as an excellent practitioner and for someone who can help you move forward in your life. It is a great investment for me initially, but everyone benefits now from my new relaxed approach.”* Sue, Torquay

Client who had hypnotherapy to help with life changes and decision making

“At my first meeting with Tiffany I really didn’t know what to expect but she put me totally at ease and explained what would happen in the session very well. When it was over I couldn’t believe how much better I felt and how much clearer my particular situation had become. Although I still had a lot of work to do, even just that first session really made a difference. I have continued to see her on a regular basis and I truly believe that these sessions have given me the strength and support to make the changes in my life that I needed to make and that they have reconfirmed again and again that I have made the right decision for me. My friends and family tell me that they can see such a positive change in me as well. I would definitely recommend both the use of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Tiffany in particular for anyone who has any kind of decision to make that needs a clear head to do so – it worked for me!”* Tracy, Kingsbridge